Choosing a Maths Tutor for your child in Auckland.

Many parents find themselves suddenly in the position of having to find a tutor for their child and after many requests we decided to put the following together. Perhaps your child has asked for tuition, it may have been recommended, or your child may be struggling and require extra support. Finding a suitable tutor can be a time consuming and difficult task.

​Firstly, you’re not alone in feeling overwhelmed with the task due to the vast array of tuition options available, and secondly, part of the reason it is so overwhelming is the edge these subjects can give into today’s competitive world.

​Maths and Physics are challenging subjects for most of us and children need to be encouraged to embrace them. As all students learn in different ​ways it is important that your tutor can cultivate this and be able to adjust the information flow and level of difficulty for your child to best absorb and apply the knowledge.

Your child has one shot at school ​and it is important that time isn’t lost on replacing a tutor or service that doesn’t work out as this can often result in lowering the confidence of a child or losing their interest altogether in the subject. ​

There are a large number of tutors in Auckland both as establishments and private individuals, ​ranging in cost, ​reliability and quality. The majority of the tuition provided by tutoring companies is through group sessions​ or computer-based learning​. At Induco Learning we deem computer-based learning as an acceptable method of practice for repetition once your child understands the material, but is not an optimal way to teach the fundamentals of Maths or Physics.

We believe there is no comparison for individual (one-to-one) tutoring session​s from a professional tutor​ where the focus is solely on the needs of your child. Our goal is to fill the knowledge gaps hereby helping to build confidence with ​M​aths ​and ​P​hysics while coaching the student to become an independent and self-motivated learner.

While professional one to one tuition may not be the lowest cost option up front, it can be the best value option in the long run. A professional tutor as provided by Induco Learning will ensure your child’s requirements will be their top priority, and can be counted on for reliability when they are needed, for example, in the period leading up to examinations.

The school year is short and time is of an essence. The sooner your child has the courage and know-how to become an independent learner, the sooner they can begin to flourish to their full potential.